A journey into Parenthood & dealing with loss


1996 – I start on the birth control injection. First year of University

1999 – I spend a year in the USA

2000 – I spend almost a year in the UK, first pregnancy – terminated at 12 weeks by choice due to the circumstances. I never thought I would have problems later in life 😦

2001 – I spend 6 months in Taiwan and 4 months in Australia.

2004 – Return to the US and spend 3 years there. Start on Depo Provera again.

Jun 2007 – Return home to South Africa.

Jan 2009 – Start dating B, my now husband.

Jan 2011 –  I stop Depo Provera injections. I have been on them on and off for 15 years, non stop for the last 8 years.  It takes almost 8 months for my period to return, which is then irregular and unpredictable for much of the next year. We are not “not trying”.

Feb 2012 – I become engaged to the love of my life. I start using an app to track my cycles. They start to settle down.

Aug 2012 – I marry the love of my life! We start trying to conceive in earnest.

Oct 2012 – I have my first miscarriage at 6-7 weeks, two days after having the pregnancy confirmed by blood tests with my GP (Dr F).  I do it naturally, but bleed for almost 6 weeks. New gynea (Dr P) gives me something to stop the bleeding and I’m told to wait for my next cycle before we start trying again.

Feb 2013 – My cycles had settled down into a fairly regular 28 days. I have a weird cycle and realise when I was bleeding for longer than usual that I had actually been pregnant and was miscarrying at about 5 weeks.

June 2013 – Find out I am pregnant again. Symptoms are mild, but I am feeling slightly more positive about this one. Start this blog to deal with the fears.

Mid – July 2013 – Make it past 7 weeks and get hopeful, start planning a nursery and talking to family about the pregnancy.

25 July 2013 – Miscarry at 8 weeks and 2 days, Gynea sends me for multiple blood tests (10 vials of blood).

21 Aug 2013 – Blood tests have come back – everything is normal!

24 Aug 2013 – Change the blog to be about dealing with loss!

25 September 2013 – Find out that I am pregnant again.

25 September 2013 – Confirm with BETA result 7993 at 4w5d.

16 October 2013 – See Dr P for the first time while still pregnant – we see a heart beat!

12 November 2013 – 12 week scan confirms baby is all good, moving around a lot. Down’s Syndrome tests come back with low chance.


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