A journey into Parenthood & dealing with loss

After the weekend

So we told both sets of parents this weekend and now I feel comfortable posting on my blog. I am no longer publicising my blog to Facebook or twitter, but I do want to share my journey with the people that I have come to share with in the blogosphere. I did on the other hand not want to post online and have my family find out by accident before we had told them. So now they know and you can too.

The weather was cold and miserable most of the weekend which proved to be perfect for me. I’ve been really tired. Friday afternoon I lay down and fell fast asleep for over an hour – that never happens to me. It’s 3.30pm here and I’m feeling ready for another nap, but I’m at work! I spent most of the weekend lounging on the couch reading my new pregnancy book – The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy – I think every woman should read this book. It’s got almost no medical help at all, but it is truly the most useful help I’ve ever heard. She covers all the things that would normally have been told to pregnant women by the women in their lives who have been through this, but since most of us don’t have that village around us anymore, there’s not as much of that wisdom sharing around. I have laughed until I cried at some of the stories and examples that she has given. I highly recommend it for the down to earth advice it gives.

I spent the whole weekend trying to figure out if I should have gone for more blood work this morning. I decided that I was being obsessive, and I will go tomorrow if I haven’t heard from Dr P. He is back today from leave, but I haven’t heard from him yet. I don’t even know if he will contact me if he thinks everything is ok. This bugs me. I feel like I need to talk to a doctor about everything I’ve been through and what’s starting now. Maybe I’ll give it until tomorrow and I’ve done the third round of blood tests. Am I becoming obsessive? Is this normal?

PS – sorry for the multiple posts on one day, I just wanted to publish the story so far in order.


Comments on: "After the weekend" (3)

  1. Just read all your updated posts, such amazing beautiful news! Wow.
    Try not to over analyse everything, and enjoy every twinge instead of panicking (easier said than done huh?!?)
    Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy

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